Neuroscience of Emotions Workshops

The neuroscience of stress and emotions made accessible for teachers with students of all ages through a variety of personalized resources tailored for each grade level.


About the Presenter

Presenter Alexa Yunes-Koch is a research assistant and PhD student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her research focus is the application of affective neuroscience for stress-coping, particularly for teachers and students. Through her workshops and resources, Alexa gives children and adults practical knowledge and strategies to help them cope with daily stress and to navigate emotions with the brain, nervous system, and body in mind.

What makes this SEL training unique?

• Strong emphasis on understanding the neuroscience behind the wide range of human emotions

• Practical, easily-applicable strategies that everyone can use immediately and in any scenario

• Fun delivery through STRESSED board game, playing cards, and other fun activities that make physiological regulation enjoyable and memorable

Also available for parent groups, professional organizations, and leadership seminars


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