All Our Colors Shine - Todos nuestros colores brillan

Yunes Educational Services


Written AND Illustrated by Alexa and Claudia Yunes

Bilingual children's picture book.

Celebrate diversity with the main character, Mondo!


Have you ever felt like an outsider in a new place or a new situation? Mondo faces this challenge as he starts school in a brand new town. See how kindness can turn everything around!


This is the first book in our new series of bilingual children's books designed to teach children to celebrate cultural diversity and unity. Mondo and his friends teach children that learning from each other and respecting our differences are key to making the world a better place.


It’s Mondo’s first day in a brand-new town.

He goes to school but it’s all upside-down.

His pod is yellow when it should be blue.

Now what will happen? What would you do?


40 pages

Bilingual picture book, English and Spanish on every page.

For children of all ages and adults young at heart.



Be sure to check out the accompanying Activity Packs for PreK-2nd grade. Available in English and Spanish.