Academic Workshops

Teacher workshops:
- STAAR Estrategias de Lectura 3-5
- STAAR Estrategias de Escritura 4
- PreK-K Fluency and Comprehension
- 1-2 Fluency and Comprehension
- PreK-K ELL Classroom Strategies
Student bootcamps:
- STAAR Lectura Readiness
- STAAR Escritura Readiness
Parent workshops:
- PreK-K Early Childhood Learning
- 1-2 Learning at Home
- 3-5 Homework Strategies and STAAR
We are currently training teachers in 6 school districts across South Texas.
We are booked for the rest of the school year. Please contact us to book at date for the 2019-2020 school year
Contact us for more info at (956)534-2072 or